TSM8-36 series miniature circuit breaker is developed by our factory independently, which applied the latest scientific research achievement and the newly contrivance thinking, it based on the design of 10KA breaking capacity and multi-fuction terminal correctors to satisfy the requirement of the intelligent architecture to electrical appliances what high quality, firm junction, convent installation and secure operation, it can widely use in circuit and protection of overload both in family and other similar place, it also can get through sad break the illumination circuit and electrical equipment infrequently under the normal condition, it can become an excellent earth leakage protecting circuit breaker assembling with the facility of earth leakage protecting, The product accord with IEC60898 and GB10963-1999 standard.
A. Block structure, the width is the times of 9, it suit the installation of 35mmLTH35-7.5 din rail. It has the visible contactor block breaking indicator equipment, which can be used in wire isolated
B. Power gets through from the underside to upside, conform to the path of lighting wire, which reduces the wire length and cost.
C. Multi-fuction terminal connectors are made up of the up part and down part, if tighten up the screw, the down part can connect the round wire, and also can combing with the terminal contactor and round wore at the same time, it is very continent and firm, The protecting grade reaches the request of ZP20.
D. The product can be made into three style of operation characteristic, style B, style C and style D, which satisfy the different requirement of overload protecting.
E. Strong arc chamber, the inner wall can come into being gas to help arc, the electrical arc can be extinguished quickly, a little gas exhaust out exhausting hole without the phenomena of flying arc.
F. The handle is in the upside, touch feeling is comfortable and safety, also can proven the wrong touch of the hand and wire screw in on off, the operation is more safe.
G. The sides of circuit breaker can combine with many accessories, isolating trip instrument, shortage voltage trip instrument, which can relive the long distance operation and protecting of shortage voltage and other faction; warning instrument and other accessories can be used in power supply system in modem in tell gent architecture.






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