TSM9-63 series circuit breaker is the new product developed by our factory, The breaking capacity can pass 10KA, it is used in the circuit of distribution systems for building and similar uses, for untrained personas, no need maintained, This series products applied the latest scientific research achievement and the newly contrivance thinking, has many patent technique, This product conforms to IEC60898 and GB10963-1999 standards.
NEW: A) The power input from underside to upside, conform to the path of power line or the wire of distribution box, make the wire shorter, so it can reduce the cost of wire. Shorter, so it can reduce the cost of wire.
B) The super ARC Chamber and special constructor of contact block, can extinguish the electrical ARC very quickly, suitable to make the product can pass 10KA breakup capacity easily.
C) The handle is in the upside, touch feeling is comfortable and safety during on/off actions.
D) There is one special tag on the upside of the front of the product it can by used in marking or numbering by oil pencil.
Feature: All the terminal connecter is multi-function of tighten the screw, upside can connect with copper connector, underside can connect, with round wire separately, And also can combine with the copper connecter (Flat) and round wire at the same time for both sides, it has the visible contact block breaking indicate equipment, can be used in wire insulating
Full-Scale: A) the operation characteristic can be made as B.C and D style. It can meet different demands.
B) Combined with Earth Leakage protect equipment, can be used as Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker.
C) Combined with isolated tripping instrument of voltage shortage tripping instrument, it can realize far distance control and voltage shortage protection.
D) Combined with contact block or warning instrument and other accessories, will be used in the purer supply systems of mortem intelligent architecture.






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